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Product Features

  • This machine tool is a gear hobbing machine tool that works according to the continuous indexing method with high reliability and can realize CNC six-axis four-linkage.

  • The machine replaces the hob with the gear disc milling cutter, which can mill the external teeth according to the single index method.

  • The machine tool replaces the hobbing tool holder with the milling inner gear holder, which can mill the inner teeth according to the single index method (optional).


This TWO-AXES CNC CONTROLLED MACHINE is capable of cutting cylindrical spur and helical gears with plain, crowning and slightly tapered teeth, as well as sprockets and work wheels.

The machine is best suited for wide scope of applications including automobile factories, tractor factories, gear-box factory, machine tool and general machinery manufacturing. Also is widely used in the metallurgy, mining, chemical and transportation industry.



  • The modular machine concept has been consistently applied to the large machines of this series, guaranteeing an outstanding cost-benefit ratio and low maintenance costs.
  • Cast-iron machine bed of maximum static and dynamic rigidity with integrated fluid circulation for thermal stability.
  • The worktable is driven high quality, high precision worm and worm wheel gear drive.
  • Linear slides are provided with backlash-free pretension ball screws. AC servo-drives, cast-iron guideways, resin-coated for optimum vibration absorption. Controlled pulse lubrication is used..
  • With vertical design, the worktable moves to realize feed motion.
  • CNC axes are driven through preloaded ball screws. It can cut gears with crowning and slightly tapered teeth by axial and radial co-ordinate control.
  • High precision hydraulic components.
  • Main guideways are coated with Teflon, the main body is annealed cast structure and solid construction which gives high rigidity.
  • Manual hob shifting.
  • Separate cooling systems.
  • Precision ball screws are used for CNC axes to ensure high moving and positioning accuracy.
No. Item unit Outer teeth For inner teeth Remark
1 Maximum working diameter mm φ2500 φ2500  
2 Minimum working diameter mm φ300 φ800  
3 Maximum working module mm 36 28  
3 Process tooth number   Not limit Not limit  
4 Maximum working teeth width mm 1000 600  
5 Cross direction travel(X axis) mm 1230 1230  
6 Tool holder skateboard (z-axis) mm 1300 1300  
7 Tool post maximum roate angle (A axis) degree ±45° ±30°  
8 Maximum mounting diameter of hob (milling) mm φ460 φ450  
9 Maximum hob mounting length mm 700    
10 Maximum tangential movement amount of the hob (y-axis) mm 600    
11 Hob (milling) center from bench center mm 200~1530 0~1070  
12 Hob (milling) center to counterdistance mm 940~2240 960~2260  
14 Hobbing tool(milling cutter)speed r/min 25~120 55~150  
15 Working table limit working speed r/min 1.5 1.5  
16 Working table diameter mm φ2040 φ2040  
17 Working table center hole diameter mm φ800 φ800  
*18 Working table maximum loading weight Kg 25000 25000  
19 Horizontal feeding speed mm/min 0~1000 0~1000  
20 Radial feeding speed mm/min 1~2000 1~2000  
21 Cut forward feeding speed mm/min 1~3000 1~3000  
22 Minimum programming amount of CNC axis mm 0.001 0.001  
23 Main motor power KW 78 55  
24 Total power KW 120 94  
25 Machine weight Kg 58000 58000  





Maximum hobbing modulus


12 mm

Cast iron

16 mm

Maximum workpiece diameter when processing straight tooth gear

With rear column

1000 mm

Without rear column

1250 mm

Maximum workpiece width when processing straight tooth gear (width between centre≥200)

450 mm

Maximum travel of tool post slide

480 mm

Spindle hole

Morse 6


Maximum dimension of cutter


260 mm


300 mm

Diameter of changeable hobbing centre axis

27, 32, 40, 50 mm

Maximum axial movement of cutter

100 mm


Maximum loading capacity of work table

3 tons

Diameter of work table

1000 mm

Pore diameter of work table

220 mm

Distance from hob centre to worktable


690 mm


210 mm

Distance from hob centre to worktable centre


750 mm


120 mm


Power and rated speed of main motor

N=11 Kw 1440 r/m

Z axis servo motor

1FK7103 5.23KW 2000 r/m 25/36nm

X axis servo motor

1FK7103 5.23KW 2000 r/m 25/36nm

Power and rated speed of motor of hydraulic oil pump

N=2.2 Kw  940 r/m

Power and rated speed of motor of cooling pump

N=0.4 Kw  2800 r/m


Taper bore of workpiece mandrel

Morse 6

Degree of spindle rotation

Class 7

Rotary range of spindle

16-125 r/m

X axis, Z axis Min programming amount


Vertical manual rotation speed of sliding carriage(Z axis)

628 mm/min

Rapid moving speed of worktable(X axis)


Accuracy of radial manual federate of work table

0.02 mm

Machine overall dimension (length ×width ×height)

3750×2040×2500 mm

Machine weight


Main structure

1. Machine bed and guide rail

The bed adopts gray cast iron structure.

The X axis adopts a large plane rectangular guide rail to meet the rigidity requirements of the machine tool for high-speed, large-pass cutting.

The high-precision ball screw for X-axis radial feed is fixed on the bed, and the special bearing group is pre-stretched in both directions.

Driven by Siemens servo motor, the planetary reducer reduces the speed, and drives the ball screw to move the column back and forth.

The bed is equipped with a retractable steel protective cover.

Adjustable fastening bolts are used to fix the bed to the foundation.

2. Column

The column moves on the guide rail of the bed and adopts the overall gray cast iron structure.

A low-friction special material is pasted on the guide rail, so that the column can move freely.

Z axis adopts a large plane rectangular guide rail, the high-precision ball screw for Z-axis axial feed is fixed on the bed, driven by Siemens servo motor, the speed of the worm gear pair is reduced, and the ball screw is driven to realize the up and down movement of the carriage slide.

3. Reel holder and tool holder slide (Z axis)

The hob rest is installed on the sliding seat of the tool rest, the sliding seat moves up and down on the column guide rail, and the main body adopts an integral gray cast iron structure.

The tool holder can rotate ±45° on the sliding seat (A-axis) and rotate automatically.

The design structure of the tool holder sliding seat is convenient for the replacement of various tool holders.

A low-friction special material is pasted on the slide rail of the tool holder.

The tool holder has its own power, and the tool holder is driven by a servo spindle motor with infinitely variable speed.

The tool holder uses the shortest hob spindle drive chain, bearing support structure and anti-backlash mechanism to achieve the high speed and anti-vibration requirements of the hob spindle system.

The radial support of the hob spindle is hydrostatic support.

The tangential movement of the tool holder (Y axis) uses a "V" and a flat guide rail structure and drives the hob box through a servo motor, a planetary reducer and a ball screw. The Y axis has a hydraulic automatic clamping and releasing mechanism.

4. Feeding mechanism

X, Y, Z direction feed drive is driven by Siemens AC servo feed motor, ball screw drive, special bearing set for high precision ball screw, bidirectional pre-stretching.

5. Worktable (C axis)

High-precision double-lead worm gear pair, the worktable adopts a hydrostatic bearing support structure in the radial and axial directions, which realizes the gap-free transmission of the worktable and meets the requirements of tooth cutting accuracy.

The worktable has a stable structure and good rigidity so that the cutting force can be better absorbed and transmitted directly to the base of the machine tool. It has a good cutting force damping effect and strong rigidity.

6. Lubrication system

Independent circulating lubrication system and quantitative lubrication system; quantitative lubrication for ball screw and main guide rail pair, adjustable lubrication time interval; continuous lubrication for tool rest transmission parts and bearings; sufficient and reliable lubrication, and fault detection and alarm system.

The pressurized circulation of lubricant and coolant ensures optimum thermal stability throughout the hobbing cycle.

7. Cooling chip removal system

Two sets of large-flow, high-lift cooling pumps are used for machine tool cooling, which can be used independently or at the same time. The coolant recovery system is stable and reliable.

Compressed air can be used for cooling when milling teeth.

Equipped with an automatic chip removal unit, which automatically separates and discharges chips.

8. Hydraulic system and function

The main control components of the hydraulic system are made of Taiwan Asada products or other international famous brand products, which are stable and reliable.

The hydraulic system is equipped with an oil cooling device.

Hydraulic system function:

  • Workbench static pressure
  • Tool holder spindle static pressure
  • Clamping mechanisms such as column and tool holder
  • Lubrication of each part
  • Other auxiliary functions

9. Guards

The machine door can be opened and closed manually, and the protective door can be opened flexibly;

The machine tool adopts a semi-enclosed protective cover to prevent the leakage of chips, coolant and oil mist;

The operating surface of the shield has a transparent observation window, and the processing area is illuminated for easy observation;

The protective door of the machine tool is equipped with an electronic lock to interlock with the start of the machine tool, that is, the machine tool can only be started when the protective door is closed, and the protective door cannot be opened during processing;

The pedals, escalators and railings are firm and reliable, and the design is reasonable and beautiful.

Machine Whole Pictures


Standard Accessory List

Standard components



Hydraulic parts


Electric parts






Cast iron

Domestic top brand,Jinhe cast

Ball Screw

Nanjing Technical Equipment Manufacture Co., LTD


Domestic top brand,made in xiangfan

Worm wheel

Made by German turbo-processing machine


Made in Chongqing